The Power of Persuasion

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Literacy is power. Being able to manipulate people with written words: including specific language devices, images, and colors has proven its power time and time again throughout history.

If you don’t believe me I can prove it by using two specific examples from myself and another classmate’s final presentations.

My own presentation covered the topic of manipulation by the media. The general public thinks of things like images when it thinks of ads, but words are just as important. Brands in particular are words meant to be so distinguishable by their font and color that one can think of thousands of correlation when they see said brand. These businesses bring in trillions of dollars of our consumer money thanks to persuasion of advertisements just like…..

The Third Reich!

Well that creates an interesting parallel between a group that used propaganda in attempt to destroy and entire religion and the corporations that use what is essentially propaganda with a different name in order to destroy our bank accounts. The same can be seen in understanding political campaigns as well ad just think of the power of politicians.

Literacy is power, the power to manipulate and persuade and it use for either good or evil.

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