Multi-million Dollar Baby

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If you love writing and are somewhat skilled with a keyboard then you probably have tried or will try your hand at blogging. It’s a creative and expressive way to share information, stories, and experiences, but as a college student we are all a bit crunched for time. If you look a little deeper into the world of blogging you will see just how rewarding writing can be.

Blogs can be multi-million dollar creations (hence the title). Every hear of a pretty famous little blog such as The Huffington Post? Oh yes, someone got a nice payoff from that famous title.

Blogs aren’t just about profit, even thought the possibility is a nice incentive for college students  who are short on everything from time to money to sanity.

The best thing, in my personal opinion, is the wide array topics that blogs cover. There are blogs on everything from managing your own website to “Mommy Blogs” which are trending now in case anyone wants to break into that topic.

Whether you are writing your own collection of creativity or using others’  blogs to inspire and create-there is no doubt that these types of platforms are some of the most unique (and possibly even lucrative) ways to  interact with the internet.

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