My Thirteen Year Old Sister and Oprah: Making Me Be a Better Me

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I had morphed a picture of my sister (Grace) and Oprah’s face to use as the featured image, but the picture was “mysteriously” deleted prior to me telling Grace my plans for the photo.

I do not want to get into feminist values here on the internet, but I do want to state that I support women power and equality whole heartedly. That is why it was quite disturbing to me to see some of the ways the media and social media dictate how females in our society should be, not because I fear for losing myself, but because I fear for my three younger sisters who come to me for explanations.

Recently my mentor from the Steans Center, Helen Damon-Moore came and spoke to our class about the way magazines dictated what a “proper lady” was in post WWII context. We have made progress since the days when we had set bed times and dress codes if we wanted to remain proper, but have we gone to a better place?

Thirteen is an awkward age for anyone and that is why I have been spending a lot of time helping my sister Grace with a research project. I helped her pick the subject-Oprah Winfrey- because I realized my sister needed to look at a woman in the media spotlight for positive reasons.

Recently my sister has been concerned with “thigh-gaps” ( C’mon Instagram I thought we were over that?) and the fact that she doesn’t fit into the body shape of the models in the swim suits she wants to buy.

My sister is beautiful, tall, athletic, brilliant, so it disturbed me to think that she did;t see all of her own beauty because it was blocked by smog from the internet’s ideals. I realized it was my job to surround her in positiveness. I am just as guilty of voicing concerns on “feeling fat today” or not buying something because it’s meant for “a different body” without trying it on.

Helping Grace research Oprah is actually helping me be more confident and riven for the things that I want, for being the person I would like to be and not what social media deems fit of a female. Thanks to Helen Damon-Moore for opening my eyes to how the media is trying to shape choices that should be my own.

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