Literacy and Workshops

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I really enjoyed the workshop component of Monday’s class, it was refreshing and fun break.  I think it compounds the amount you learn during a course when you become literate in a new program, while simultaneously becoming literate about the subject that program was designed to support.

Ellen Lupton’s tutorials were really effective to me. It is awesome of her to give people access to some of the basics of what contemporary designers are doing in addition to what was popular in the past. Her website is effective as well, displaying her expertise in design and typography in print and digitally. Watching her speak on a video gave me a connection to her school of thought more so than a book alone would. I appreciate that she gives you specific instructions on what menus to click on within InDesign to imitate what you see. This makes it so that someone only needs to have access to the program to start creating something. It was cool to see that everyone put together a different vision from the videos.

While working on the business card, I struggled with kerning and grid lines. Initially, I scrapped the idea of changing the kerning altogether. I also used the maximum amount of grid lines I could, which might have been overkill. I looked over her section on grid lines and kerning to try and improve on my card.  What did you do for your card? I heard a couple of people didn’t like InDesign, what did you use instead?

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