Do it Nice, or Do it Twice: Sloppy Work Will Not Suffice

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big chief

The questions around literacy that I am looking to explore are in the area of handwriting education in elementary schools. How are students perceived as literate or not literate based on their penmanship?

What authority decided on the standard script taught to elementary students? How have the tools used in teaching handwriting shaped writing? (See the Big Chief pad in the featured image) Why are children graded on handwriting as a physical skill when they are not graded on their physical skills in other classes (basket ball in gym class, using scissors in art class, eatting paste in kindergarten)? The title of this post is from a handwriting poster I remember from elementary school, and what is assumed about a student with “sloppy” handwriting? I’m looking at handwriting as separate from spelling or the ability to form an argument in the five point paragraph etc.


Are there political, religious, or other sponsors of this type of penmanship? And are they using it promote freedom exploration or to subjugate children?


There are a lot questions I would love to research, I just need to choose one to focus on.




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