Pencils Vs. Pixels

Pencils Vs. Pixels

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When it comes to Pencils v Pixels it really all comes down to preference. I would believe the older generations would prefer writing on paper because it comes more natural to them because when they were in school they didn’t have tablets and computers in the classroom. While in the younger generations, like myself in middle school we had classes to help us learn how to be effiecent on keyboards and we were always surrounded by computers and new technology like that. That was in middle school, when it came to high school new technology skyrocketed. My siblings in high school now all get google chrome books as does every student in the school of 2,700 students.  Most homework assignments are online and most kids are very familiar with the way the new technology works today. Now, here at DePaul, for example you look in this classroom you see 25 Apple Desktop Computers and majority of everyones laptops are Apple as well. It just shows the way society is changing, less things are becoming handwritten nowadays.

Everyone has their own preference and everyone has different experiences with different things. Thats whats best about the world we live in today, everyone has a choice in everything. In the end it all comes down to you and what you decide.


One Comment

  • Joan H says:

    I loved your point about current high school trends favoring “pixels”. My siblings have also been a part of the movement towards digital note taking, homework assignments, and textbooks. While it may increase productivity or speed, there’s something sad in the decline of written word. Personally, as a writer and songwriter, I often times prefer to put pencil to paper; it seems more organic, more romantic. I think it’s also interesting to note that there are programs and apps that combine both pencil and pixel. I’ve seen numerous commercials for phones that take someone’s written message and turn it into text. I suppose this technique has a heavier emphasis on the pixel side of things, but I think it’s a good marketing ploy for the older generations who still may prefer writing things out, as you touched upon.

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