txt Lingo Has gtg

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My brother is my inspiration for this post because he represents a generation that I fear will emerge and slowly take over the world.

Don’t panic, he isn’t quite evil, but if you embrace old-fashioned literacy and the beauty of language than yes, he’s evil.

My brother is very infatuated with technology, he can only read ebooks and does not handwrite a single school assignment. It does not help that all of his schoolwork is on an iPad. He is also the type of person to say “lol” in a formal sentence. I cannot count how many times he has used texting lingo in front of a relative or teacher.

It has me curious when this kind of speech became acceptable and if our generation is also encompassed within this nauseating category. I understand that many people are very opinionated on whether to embrace traditional language or move toward the tech side of speech and writing.


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