Font-A Word on the World of Word Majors

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I had n idea anyone paid such attention to detail, well to details of font, until I took this course.

Yes, I knew that font played a large role in written pieces from advertisements to novels, but this course truly opened my eyes to how much the wrong font could enrage any human being. The first time I heard anyone comment on how much they “loathed” a particular font I had to rethink all of my encounters with on and whether or nt I had ever given such thought to the topic.

You know what I realized?

EVERYONE cares about font, whether we would care to admit it or not…..

I personally loe to read the fonts that look like handwriting and are almost in cursive, but just seem swirly rather than actual cursive. I apologize to those that hate those types of fonts.

Regarding the Fountain is a novel written entirely of letters and postcards and it is full of hectic fonts and I LOVE it!

again, I know that it goes against every word major’s preference of non-handwritten appearing fonts, but my fixation on cursive will never die and if I were ever to have anything published you can bet that it would be in some nauseating swirly unledgable font(sorry, not sorry).

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