Literacy: It’s Personal

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If i have learned anything through the duration of this course it has been that literacy takes on many forms and there is no “cookie-cutter” definition for a one size fits al meaning of literacy. Each person takes the term literacy (in all of its forms: from motivation to uses) in a very distinct way.

It is my personal philosophy that understanding one’s own literacy is the most important step in moving forward in terms of understanding literacy in a broader sense of the term.

My personal sponsors of literacy have already been discussed and analyzed in a previous post. As for my own motivations for literacy, I would have to say I am split in two. If I would have answered this question before high school I would’ve answered that I engage with literacy because I genuinely love to read and write and learn and create, but sadly, I feel my relationship with literacy has shifted. As school work got more intricate and time-consuming I only engaged with literacy in order to stay afloat in classes. The material is no longer anything of my own personal interest and I would dare go so far as to say that I dread reading for my courses.

I highly doubt I am the only student experiencing this change in personal affiliation with literacy as I have heard similar students from my fellow students in another course.

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