Light that literacy fire, babe

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Oh, Tinder. Welcome to the world of bots, f***boys, and awkward “hello” messages. Aside from the obvious, that Tinder requires a person to be literate, literacy (as well as creativity) goes a long way in getting you a date (at least a serious one, not a hook up).

Let me tell you a story:

I got a Tinder in September. I only had it for a little bit, because I met my current boyfriend on there very soon after making it. In fact, he used literacy (and goofiness) to win my heart. My profile said that I really like puns (duh.) and that I studied abroad in London (more of an if you talk to me a lot duh.). Using these two things about me, he messaged me:

Danny: You know, I went to Ireland last year.

Me: Oh, that’s so cool! I wanted to go there, but it was really expensive.

Danny: Dang it… You ruined it.

Me: What?

Danny: You were supposed to say “really” and I could say “Nah, I-rish.

B-Dum Cha.

My boyfriend speaks in puns a lot. And its his level of literacy that got my attention. So, fellow Tinderers- down with the “hello” and “hi” first message! You are literate, so show it!

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