Typography and Visual Rhetoric

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baby shoes

This post counts as a shout out to Theresa’s final project on typography.

Before doing the activity involving Hemingway’s 6-word novel (For sale: baby shoes, never worn.), I have always stated that typography and font does not really matter to me. I have specific fonts that I use for specific projects and I have typically left it at that. I have never felt any emotion as a result of a font.

I do, however, understand that some people may be emotionally affected by the choice of a specific font and I think that the exercise that we did in class helped me to see that. Although, I would not be affected by the choice of font, the reality that we were choosing fonts with the specific purpose of making someone feel something made me pay much more attention to my font choices.

I think that in general, I pay more attention to what has been written or typed as opposed to how what has been written or typed appears. I am the person who would look at the words before looking at the picture. I think that accepting that there exist others who  would do the opposite is something that needs to be paid attention to.

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