Are You a Fan of Fan Fiction?

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I don’t come from the fan fiction generation, and that’s probably because there wasn’t a place for people to gather – that I was aware of. I know that when I was a kid, people made up stories about the guys in New Kids on the Block, or the kids from The Never Ending Story. But that was something that we talked about at sleepovers and Girl Scouts overnights, and I think it was expressed more in an oral form of storytelling.

So when I first starting hearing about fan fiction it was mostly in the iron sense. I think the first fan fiction story that I read was about dinosaurs and humans and it was really gross and weird. But after listening to Kyla’s presentation I was more impressed than weirded out by the concept. I like that fan fiction gives people the opportunity to develop stories that they like in new and interesting ways. It seems silly to hold kids back from something that encourages them to read and write, and more importantly to enjoy the process.

I don’t know that I am going to start reading, or writing, fan fiction myself, but I look forward to the days when this generation of writers starts writing my CSI books!

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  • Michael R says:

    Yoooo, can’t wait to read some fan fiction that you do in the future! What sort of topics or themes would you like to ideally write about? While I’m at it, maybe I’ll just write some Bob’s Burgers fan fiction while I’m at it (how would that even go???).

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