Dumping Digication

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This post is a tad late due to my technological incompetence: thinking I had posted this meanwhile this lovely post was collecting dust in the draft page.

In case you aren’t a freshmen and did not get to see the performance done at this year’s orientation weekends then I will fill you in on what you missed. One couple specifically is created to show the dangers of college relationships with no one making sure you don’t let the other run your life, keep you up all night, send you mixed messages, or send you spiraling down the rabbit hole into an angsty pit of despair and hate for getting yourself involved with such a character.

Well that was my relationship with digication this pat quarter.

When my lovely HON WRD prof. (the lovely Joyce Miller Bean) first introduced me to digitation I was interested in navigating this website to help shape my grade. Sadly, digitation is a tricky mistress and left me up endless hours of the night wondering what I did to deserve to be mislead by this website.

I think we should all take a lesson from the DePaul orientation play cast and dump digication- ending the unhealthy relationship that often flusters and frustrates us during our college years and seek a more healthy relationship with a website that is actually possible to navigate.

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  • Michelle C says:

    I’m getting ready to finish my Digication portfolio for one of my classes and I agree! Digication is like the terrible partner that says they are running to the store for milk, and is gone for hours leaving you wondering if they will ever come back – or if they will remember the milk. I’ll be glad when I can dump Digication after this quarter.

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