Literacy As A Metaphor

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Dush explains that literacy is a metaphor that comes with two bundles, one, “what literacy is and does” and how it is a naturally learned skill that helps you live a better life. She said the second bundle was the literacy of the book. As well as saying “Like literacy, writing is a metaphor”. I agree that writing is major part of our every day lives not only as students, but as human beings. Whether you’re writing with your hand, typing on the computer or even texting on your phone, they are all forms of writing. I would also agree that books have had a big impact on my literacy especially at a young age, learning how to read it usually starts from books, and as I’ve grown older I read more articles online and newspapers, rather than books. She also talked about how writing comes with materials and the environment or the place you are at while you read or write, as well as bodies and the eyes and hands of readers and writers are all factored into writing. There are so many different forms and ways of literacy we have experienced in our lives, as well as people who have impacted our literacy, and its something you can look back on and be very thankful for.

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