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So I’m a Content Writer at my job, well my official title is Content Specialist (cause I’m special and like to sound important on my resume), and while I was reading the Dush piece all I could like is “duh!” Of course we should take content writing seriously. Content writing is so integral to most businesses. Being able to create original and branded content is a key aspect of many businesses. Putting out your own content has always been to me extremely important. I understand that I am biased in regards to content – both of my grown-up jobs have been dealing with content. I’ve been a social media intern – aka the poor person who was in charge of attempting to be witty about bankruptcy lawyers and property managers – and my current job I am saddled with the task of creating original content for a tech start up.

Now what really blew me away about the Dush piece is that people didn’t take that type of content writing serious enough to study. As I’ve stated it has been so integral to all of my work experiences. Content writing is important – especially since we have moved into a knowledge economy rather than an industrial based economy. And while this piece is only a year old, I’m sure there has been more of a focus on content writing as more and more people realize the importance of it and its integrality to the workplace now.


  • Michael R says:

    Agreed, content writing is so vital to study in an academic way! Now, I do get a little bit worried when I come across the inevitable click-bait article, something like “Kyla Patterson gives her top ten suggestions to write killer creative content. Number nine will BLOW YOUR MIND!” But, other than that, it really is interesting seeing the ways in which content writing has evolved through the internet revolution.

  • Michelle C says:

    Absolutely! If content is going to be considered different from writing, then it should be something that students are given the opportunity to be educated about. Especially since so much of the information that we gather about places we eat, movies to see, or current events are based in online reading. And since we have agreed that content is different than writing, we need to be able to produce content at the same level that we are able to produce writing.

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