High-Low Tech

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I like seeing all these project posts! I’m really looking forward to the presentations! Mine is still coming together, but I wanted to share something cool I found while searching online.

Check out HighLow Tech

From their mission statement:

High-Low Tech was a research group at the MIT Media Lab from 2009-2014. HLT’s work integrates high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures. Our primary aim is to engage diverse audiences in designing and building their own technologies by situating computation in new cultural and material contexts, and by developing tools that democratize engineering. We believe that the future of technology will be largely determined by end-users who will design, build, and hack their own devices, and our goal is to inspire, shape, support, and study these communities. To this end, we explore the intersection of computation, physical materials, manufacturing processes, traditional crafts, and design.


I love this! I wish I could paint. Maybe a light up marble drawing? The light up stuffed animals are probably more my speed.

Programmable Paintings


I like the focus on the hardware aspect of technology, in addition to programming. I like how these projects encourage the blending of art and tech. The mix of cheaper ‘craft’ materials make them more accessible, and are recognizable, so you aren’t just looking at a bunch of parts that are completely foreign. The ‘whimisical’ nature of some of the projects increase their appeal to people who may not have thought that tech was for them.

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