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Hey everyone!

DePaul is hosting a TED Talk on April 29th, 2016. Its free to go to and will be held in the Daley Center in the Loop campus. The guiding question is “What must be done?”

Its going to be hella cool and will be really fun – at least for those of you who nerd out about TED Talks like I do.

You can register for the event here:


I’d suggest registering as soon as possible to ensure a spot because tickets are limited.

And while I doubt the actual TED Talk will be about literacy there are dozens of TED Talks that dive into literacy and education. So my question to all of my fellow TED Talk lovers what is your favorite talk? Have any TED talks influenced you in such a way? Or even better, do you think TED talks have contributed to your literacy in a way?


  • Ashley says:

    Hey Kyla, this looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  • Howard M says:

    Josh Kaufman’s learn anything in 20 hours was pretty interesting. Not exactly informative, but inspiring enough for me to get my lazy ass off the couch and start learning Japanese.

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