Typography is kind of the shit

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I’m a huge fan of these different articles about typography, font, font families and superfamilies, paragraph spacing… they really did seem to cover everything, didn’t they? I didn’t realize how many details went into creating written works. I now have a brand new appreciation for text creators and graphic designers.

My favorite part of this article was the descriptions. I sent a few pictures to my friends because they made me laugh: I never expected them to describe a font as “meaty,” or claim that small caps in Helvetica were so awful. The direct quote I’m referring to was “Helvetica was never meant to include small caps. These automatically generated characters look puny and starved; they are an abomination against nature.” Like, whoa there!! That’s a little harsh, dontcha think?

Aside from my delight, I want to briefly mention how I plan to use these articles for my own presentation. Currently, I am looking at different technologies that help those with dyslexia gain and maintain literacy. One of the things I have found so far in my search is certain fonts that are supposed to help. Many of these fonts use different aspects of font design to make it easier for those with this particular disability. I plan to use these articles as the basis for understanding how these special fonts are created.

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