At Home with Literacy – what is allowed?

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We’ve focused so much on the types of literacy accepted in school but I’m curious about everyone’s thoughts about the types of literacies accepted at home.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been told by my parents what is acceptable to read and what is not. While my parents are usually extremely encouraging to any sort of reading pursuit they do draw the line sometimes. The most memorable was when my older sister and I first started reading blogs. My parents, who normally were all for reading, completely rejected online reading. I’m not sure if this was because they were unfamiliar with the genre and were “print purists,” but either way it took them a considerable amount of time to warm up to the idea that meaningful reading can be conducted online.

Now the funny part is that their reaction to my older sister and me reading online content is in complete contrast to their reaction to my younger sister consuming this content. My younger sister is adamantly encouraged by my mother to pursue reading online. Even when my sister is reading less than savory, or accredited pieces (see fanfiction) my parent’s always respond with “well at least she is reading.”

So I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of behavior from their home life. Have your parent’s ever been against a certain type of literacy?

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