Embracing Multi-modal Literacy

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Last night, I watched a video on Facebook that was shared by a friend that blew my mind away. The video depicted a seemingly happy wife or girlfriend gifting her husband or boyfriend a game console. The husband/boyfriend was ecstatic and after thanking his wife with a hug ventured over to play the game. The game console answered his excitement by transporting the husband/boyfriend into the virtual reality universe of its game system. The girlfriend/wife was shocked and devastated. But, with undeniable bravery jumped into the gaming system’s virtual reality world to save her kidnapped husband. She dies multiple times before learning how to play the game. Even after learning to play the game she continued to die at times. At one point, she failed so terribly at game play that the console transported her back to reality. She never gave up and jumped back into the game system.

The above story may not be considered to be a depiction of how literacy is perceived by the majority of people, however, the story being told by the video itself is undeniable. This is a prime example of visual literacy.

I have tried to find the video about which I am writing to no avail.

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