Dan’s Life of Literacy

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I have had many influences and sponsors that have impacted my literacy to this day. First, my parents have had such a big impact on me and my literacy. Another huge thing that I forgot to draw on my picture is Ireland. My parents were born in Ireland and growing up in a house with 2 strong Irish Accents it has definitely had a strong impact on my literacy. All of my family being there, and traveling to visit almost twice a year means a lot to me and my family. Ireland is a predominantly Catholic country and growing up in Elmhurst, IL, I went to Catholic School from kindergarten through 4th grade, which is a great part of my childhood. Then I eventually went to public school after that, through high school. One thing that is a big part in my every day life is sports or ESPN. Im a sports fanatic, and thats the only thing I watch on tv. Of course, as bad as it is, Social Media has had a big impact on my literacy today as it has for most people my age growing up. Also now attending DePaul University I know my literacy will be impacted here as well, and I’m looking forward to the future, and very thankful for what my life has consisted of thus far.

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