French Renaissance Paleography

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While working on research for another class I noticed a link on the website for the DePaul library announcing their collaboration with a French Renaissance paleography website out of Toronto. DePaul was approached by the Newberry Library here in Chicago to contribute sections of the Louis de Marillac Commonplace Book. You may remember this book from our field trip to special collections. It is the one described as “this guy’s Tumblr.”

The site is for the University of Toronto and developed by the Newberry. The idea is for libraries to contribute scanned French documents from 1300-1700. There researchers from across the globe can transcribe, translate, and offer histories of the various documents. Do you speak French or Latin? Can you read old handwriting? Well, good news! You too can create an account and help these noble folks by transcribing!

Do you need help learning the alphabet of the French Renaissance? Are you not sure when these writings were created? Not to worry! On the Newberry site you can also explore French Alphabet books much like the ones we looked at on the field trip as well as some old French maps!!!

WHOA! You're learning!!!

WHOA! You’re learning!!!


Où sont les toilettes?

Où sont les toilettes?

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