Let’s begin this post with a quick shout-out to Ms. Sue my pre-school teacher who taught me that A makes an AAAAAH and AYYY sounds without whom which this post could not have been written, thanks for beginning my path on the track to traditional literacy. After that I would like to thank those reading programs that would get me a free pizza for reading a certain allotted amount of time per month. You bet your ass I was about that free pizza. Next, I would like thank telenovelas, for improving my Spanish language literacy, I am now able to read in Spanish thanks to you and your closed captions I am now able to read and somewhat write in Spanish. TeenVogue, you know I couldn’t have done this without you. You’re monthly subscription was a gateway to magazines such as Nylon, Paper, Vogue, W, and magazine-esque websites such as Hello Giggles, You Me and Charlie, and Rookie. Where would I be without these mags? Last, but not least I would like to give a shout out to my day one homie at the time, good ol’ DPU without whom which this blog post wouldn’t even exist.  Thanks for making read things I normally wouldn’t while also constraining my time and keeping me from reading the things I usually enjoy. YOU DA 1!

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