Why is this my passion?

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I have been writing original short stories, musicals, and poems for the last 10 years.  It became a passion when my aunt gave me my first journal in 2006.  Now I am writing my first book.  In these 10 years, the short stories and book that I have been writing group into their own type of genre, making all of my work it’s own form of literacy.

As I think about this project, one idea keeps getting clearer and clearer for me and it is an idea that Swzed goes into in his article: “Why do people write what they write?”  As a young woman who was assaulted at the age of 4, writing will forever be a coping process for me and it is something that I’m not afraid to share with others.  To go into further depth, I would like to use this literacy project to see why people write the things they write, whether it is a short story, a song, poem, book, or even a sentence.  We always feel that we write things because we are told to, but we have ultimate control in what we do.  It has taken me some time to understand this.

I care about focusing on this so much because of questions people have asked me about the book that I am writing.  For years, I have said because I want to, but looking at what I have written, I have written everything for a reason.  I think that by doing this project people will also understand why they write what they write and that makes the experience so much more fulfilling.

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