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As we have continued to realize as a class, there is an abundance of different types of literacies. At first I thought literacy simply only referred to reading and writing and how authors presumably were the most “literate” of all people. I also used to think that being considered “literate” was simply the ability to effectively communicate simply with all people in the respective language. Thanks to this class, I have now many new thoughts that have sprung from all the readings and the class discussions. My favorite idea that has engulfed my brain is how literacy is developed in all of it’s forms. What exercises increase literacy? How do people become very literate in the world of sports or how do people become literate in their ability to use computers? When does the development of literacy begin? Is the ability to learn new things and become literate in them a learned practice?

Surely people get better with everything they do over and over again, the old adage “practice makes perfect” sums this up quite well. However, I am interested in learning about how the brain attaches to certain things that interest us and how we eventually end up being very literate in them. The cognitive function of the brain is something that is commonly associated with learning but being literate and having learned something can be thought of as two separate ideas.

The importance of my question(s) is surely up to debate but I care about it because it finding the most effective way to being literate in many forms can be the key in terms of learning. Developing literacy and figuring out how people become literate in all of it’s forms is how we can advance ourselves to ultimately just be smarter and use our brain to it’s full power.

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