Standardized Testing doesn’t show who you are

Standardized Testing doesn’t show who you are

By February 1, 2016 BlogPost No Comments

In society today, standardized testing has become very popular in schools around the country. For example the ACT or SAT have such a great impact on your careers and college plans. That one test sets the way for your career after high school. I don’t think filling in the blanks about things that you don’t need in the every day life really judge who you truly are.

I think a GPA shows a lot more about a person. You can see how hard they work and see how much effort they are truly putting in even if they don’t understand the whole concept of something. When colleges accept students, I know they want certain GPA’s and certain test scores, but the test score is overrated in my eyes.

In the real world today, its honestly about who you know, rather than what you know. Its all about making connections and experiencing new things. That one standardized test shouldn’t be able to alter someones career path.

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