$how Me The Money

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In my fantasy as a kid writing was invented to tell stories. I figured that the caveparents wanted a way to keep track of the stories they told their kids so that one day they could tell their kids someday or something stupidly twee like that. Then I got a little bit older- i’m talking like 6 years old- and started paying attention in church (mostly because my mom wouldn’t let me bring coloring books anymore) and they made it seem like writing was invented by God to have people write down all his stories, less twee but still pretty high up there.

In reality, writing was invented for the same reason anyone invents anythings. M O N E Y. Well, that and to keep track of trade and livestock, such as she-goats and he-goats (thanks Schmandt-Besserat for that very important terminology). The first writing came about in 3100 BC by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, which I already told you about in the whole let’s talk about text, baby post. But I just can’t get over the fact that writing didn’t have any of the artistic purpose what so many people equate to now. It was literally invented for accountants. So, really we should be thanking the accountants of the world for creating writing. Their incessant need to keep track of things for money turned out to be the greatest invention of all time.

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